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Pink Female Viagra: True or False

Pink Female Viagra is the only drug in its class, designed specifically for women. Magic pink pills perfectly “fit in well” for any woman, eager to receive from sex unearthly pleasure. Half of female Viagra pill, taken 40 minutes before sexual intercourse, will sharpen your sensuality to limit and make you feel even light touch […]

Erectile Function: Questions and Answers

List of Questions Concerning Erectile Dysfunction What is the Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction? Impotence (from Latin impotentia – weakness) – is characterized by no erection, leading to inability to conduct sexual intercourse. For quite a long time, diagnosis of “impotence” was established for all men without exception, who complained about decrease in duration […]

Briefly about Viagra Advantages and Disadvantages

Initially, Viagra was invented in order to increase blood flow into cardiac muscle, thereby lowering blood pressure. But the drug did not justify itself. During Viagra study, a fact was noticed that when Canadian Pharmacy Viagra was taken, blood flow to male’s sexual organ increased significantly. Thus, it became clear how to deal with erectile […]

Canadian Cialis and Alcohol

In early 2003 European Union approved tadalafil clinical use. This drug under the trade name «Cialis» soon appeared in pharmacies. Its action is similar to Viagra drug, but the difference is that the desired result is achieved more quickly. Why is Cialis More Effective? This means to restore sexual function has one important feature: erection […]

Obesity and Impotence

Obesity and Impotence: It turns out that men having a beer belly, are more than other at risk of becoming impotent. It’s all about hormones. There is a lack of male hormones. According to statistics, obese people are much more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Obesity and Impotence: What is the reason […]