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coughAt the correct treatment cough has to pass approximately in a week. And if cough is going on more long than three weeks, it is already serious reason for concern. The most common causes of chronic cough is the wrong treatment and the wrong diagnosis. Usually the first is consequence of the second, after all most often patients make themselves the diagnosis and appoint treatment. Thus the wrong treatment of cough even at banal cold is a direct way to bronchitis. Besides, prolonged cough is a dangerous symptom which can be a marker of the most different diseases existence. For example, gastroesophageal reflux disease, sinusitis, some atypical forms of bronchial asthma, heart disorders or respiratory organs disorders, false croup can cause cough in children, and also stress and osteochondrosis are also included in this list. House methods of cough treatment won’t cope with these diseases, and in certain cases can do more harm.

There are common mistakes in cough treatment. The most frequent prolonged cough reason is mistakes in treatment of usual cold. On the first place in a rating of annoying mistakes is negligent attitude to a disease and hope that sooner or later cough will pass. It is dangerously at cough only slightly to receive medical treatment, for example having applied before going to bed mustard plasters or having taken a steam bath over potato. Most likely, it won’t bring the expected effect, and cough will only amplify. Besides, thousands of people go, coughing, for work and send to school or kindergarten coughing children. Also you shouldn’t appoint yourself independently antibiotics and reception of expectorant preparations at the first symptoms of an illness. After been examined you’d better check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall and order necessary drugs for cough treatment.

Most often cough is caused by cold, which people manage to overcome independently. But main aspect is this correct treatment. On character cough can be divided on dry cough and productive cough. The first is usually observed at the very beginning of acute respiratory viral infection, acute laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis. The cough can be characterized as painful and hoarse, and sputum isn’t discharged. Such cough can cause rise in arterial pressure, muscular pains in stomach, sleeplessness. Therefore it needs to be suppressed with the help of the cough suppressants which may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Reproductive cough usually develops in two three days after the beginning of catarrhal diseases. It isn’t so painful, gives relief and is followed by plentiful sputum discharge. In this case cough suppressants can’t be taken already. It may be easily explained if airways aren’t cleared, the disease will be tightened and can give complications. The preparations diluting sputum and helping to remove it are mucolytics and expectorant drugs.

As you understand cough may not be observed as a independent disease but as a symptom of various diseases such as acute respiratory viral infection, acute laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis. And it is very important to treat it immediately but be attentive in taken drugs unbridledly because it may lead to severe ramifications. It is better to consult the doctor before begin self-medicating.

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