Endointoxication Treated

endointoxicationAbout 1014 live microorganisms participating in a metabolism are constantly registered in intestines. Byproducts and cellular elements of these microorganisms are capable to do harm to health. Such phenomenon is called endointoxication, and it became one more disease to which enough attention wasn’t paid recently. The liver is especially subject to harmful effects as its direct appointment namely to delete toxic substances. Organism’s poisoning occurs when the intestinal epithelium is damaged, immunity is reduced or removal of slags is slowed down.

The hypothesis is stated that the broken intestines flora can be restored by means of the live bacteria arriving with food. That is the bacteria improving a gastrointestinal tract motility need to be applied as medicines. Such medicines you may find on the http://storehealthmall.eu/ of Canadian Health and Care Mall. Usually violation of intestines flora- a consequence of the infectious diseases caused by gram-negative bacterium, such as pathological E. coli and Bacteroides fragilis (as a rule, they are the reason of acute colitis). If primary infection of digestive tract proceeds without any symptoms, to make the diagnosis is not easy. It is dangerous by that then arthritis often develops, and activators aren’t always found in joint capsules. For example, arthritis is sometimes shown in some days, but in most cases – only in two to four weeks after infection. Experts consider that it is provoked by salmonella, yersinia, campylobacteriae and shigella.

Dermatomycosis of mucous membranes and internals are caused by yeast fungus in intestines, first of all Candida albicans. They become more active as a result of immune system weakening and hormonal changes. All these may be achieved together with Canadian Health and Care Mall. If mycosis doesn’t respond to treatment, it is worth paying attention to the maintenance of fungi in gastrointestinal tract and to try to reduce their quantity, special treatment and diet with the lowered maintenance of dairy and barmy products. Connection between intestinal microflora and psoriasis, chronic urticaria and dermatitis is still only supposed. Though persistent disturbing a diet, and in certain cases – and a single deviation from the correct diet, is capable to provoke an attack of chronic allergy or psoriasis. Also in some cases the exacerbation of psoriasis owing to damage of intestines is observed by Candida fungus, and after normalization of its activity the condition of skin considerably improves. The same dependence is traced and at seborrheic dermatitis. It allows to carry many chronic diseases to the endointoxication phenomena.

November 2, 2015 Category: Canadian Health and Care Mall