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Pink Female Viagra: True or False

Pink Female Viagra is the only drug in its class, designed specifically for women. Magic pink pills perfectly “fit in well” for any woman, eager to receive from sex unearthly pleasure. Half of female Viagra pill, taken 40 minutes before sexual intercourse, will sharpen your sensuality to limit and make you feel even light touch of partner with every cell of your body.

Women’s Viagra – a kind of erotic dope, which not only qualitatively relax you after a difficult day’s work and help you feel unprecedented sexual excitement, but also make simple sex fantastically unforgettable. Even if you do not have strength left, female Viagra will feed your body with wild and unbridled energy of fiery passion. The drug is active for 5-6 hours, after which it is painlessly excreted from body. Do not take more than 1 tablet of female Viagra per day.

What is Generic Viagra for Women?

It is impossible to imagine harmonious life of a married couple without sexual relations. In families that live without sex, disputes, strife, constant disassembly are usual condition. Generic women’s Viagra was specially designed to avoid this. Orgasm is as necessary for human being as a feeling, like a sense of fullness or lack of thirst. Without it, life turns into pale, useless existence.Pink Female Viagra

Erectile Function: Questions and Answers

List of Questions Concerning Erectile Dysfunction

What is the Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction?

Impotence (from Latin impotentia – weakness) – is characterized by no erection, leading to inability to conduct sexual intercourse. For quite a long time, diagnosis of “impotence” was established for all men without exception, who complained about decrease in duration and strength of erection. However, there were patients who, in principle, retained erection, but their strength is not enough for full sexual intercourse. In other words, these people are not impotent, but they are not completely healthy either. Therefore, a new term was proposed – “erectile dysfunction”. And today in scientific press term “impotence” is almost impossible to meet. This term is encountered less often in pages of popular scientific literature.

The term “erectile dysfunction” is understood to mean pathological condition that is characterized by decrease in quality of erection in men and as a result – lack of opportunities for full sexual intercourse. It turns out that impotence is nothing more than extreme form of erectile dysfunction developmentErectile Dysfunction Curable with Viagra

Briefly about Viagra Advantages and Disadvantages

Initially, Viagra was invented in order to increase blood flow into cardiac muscle, thereby lowering blood pressure. But the drug did not justify itself. During Viagra study, a fact was noticed that when Canadian Pharmacy Viagra was taken, blood flow to male’s sexual organ increased significantly. Thus, it became clear how to deal with erectile dysfunction problems. Generic Viagra performs only in case of sexual excitement, after sexual intercourse penis has taken its initial form. That is, Viagra online does not create artificial erection, but only helps to stimulate natural erection, this is the first advantage of Viagra over other ways to cause excitement. Also, Viagra can help sick people who have problems with intimate life because of diagnosed problems.

Viagra Advantages

Viagra can help in such cases:

  • when a person has psychogenic disorders;
  • presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • when there is atherosclerosis;
  • in case the nerve endings on penis are damaged;
  • with spinal cord injuries;
  • those people who take a large number of medicines.Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Canadian Cialis and Alcohol

In early 2003 European Union approved tadalafil clinical use. This drug under the trade name «Cialis» soon appeared in pharmacies. Its action is similar to Viagra drug, but the difference is that the desired result is achieved more quickly.

Why is Cialis More Effective?

This means to restore sexual function has one important feature: erection occurs only when sexual stimulation is present. Nowadays it is the only inhibitor, reception of which provides ability to get erection for quite a long time: up to 36 hours, and according to some reports – up to 48 hours. This gives an doubtless advantage: there is no need to strictly schedule date, binding to time factor is eliminated. The pill can be taken in the morning and all day its effect won’t show up. It will «work» on a date night in inviting to intimacy environment.


Cialis Principle of Action

The main active ingredient of this stimulant is tadalafil. The drug belongs to class of phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibitors. Canadian generic Cialis acts selectively but effectively. Enzyme inhibition results in full relaxation of smooth muscle cells. Penile vessels blood flow is stimulated and quickly increases. But keep in mind that when taking Canadian Cialis organic nitrates, which are used in cardiovascular diseases treatment, are contraindicated.

Tadalafil has recently been found to have a positive effect on cancer patients. Those men, who had their prostate removed. Their sexual health has greatly improved. Report on clinical trials results proving this fact was presented at sexologists conference in Denver.

Obesity and Impotence

Obesity and Impotence: It turns out that men having a beer belly, are more than other at risk of becoming impotent. It’s all about hormones. There is a lack of male hormones. According to statistics, obese people are much more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Obesity and Impotence: What is the reason that obesity becomes a cause of impotence? But everything is quite simple. Subcutaneous fat produces female hormones – estrogen. Therefore, the fatter the man is, the higher the female sex hormone level is. For a man, this situation is not very natural. For strong half of humanity androgen must prevail in body which is male sex hormone. As fat increases the amount of female hormones, and hormonal shifts (estrogen predominance).
impotence and obesity

How to Treat Impotence with Herbs?

Erectile dysfunction can pose a serious problem to the self-esteem of a man. You may feel embarrassed, inadequate, and also afraid of indulging in sexual activity with your partner. There are several causes for erectile dysfunction, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Side effects of other drugs

There are different drug in the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, like:

However, ED treatment without drugs is also possible. Here are some herbs that will help in treating impotence without drugs.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

This herb is referred to as Asian Viagra and is made out of a root of tree that is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Not only does this drug treat ED, but also augments your sexual performance and increases your libido. As per Canadian Health&Care Mall http://healthcaremall4you.com/, it works to increase the level of testosterone in a male. It is a powerful an potent herb but it also has some side effects like:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness

However, these side effects are noticed when you consume too much of the herb and it can also be easily be corrected the reducing the dosage.


This is an herb that is obtained from a berry and was originally consumed by Taoist masters and the Chinese royalty. It being used from time immemorial and is said to be an extremely effective tonic for treating impotence without drugs http://healthcaremall4you.com/impotence-can-be-treated-without-drugs-canadian-healthcare-mall.html. There are several men who experiences ED because of stress and schisandra can help in reduction of stress. It helps in the relaxation of the body and strengthening of the sexual organs which enhance your sexual performance. The herb is responsible for alleviating sexual fatigue, increase sexual endurance and the production of sexual fluids.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus TerrestrisThis is tiny plant that is being used for medicinal purposes both by China and India for several centuries. Apart from strengthening the erection, it can also boost your libido. It is known to release nitric oxide which may be responsible for causing an erectile response. The plant also increases the testosterone level in your body.


This is another adaptogen which increase the ability of the body to cope up with:

It improves the overall sexual functioning in men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, it has some side effects like:

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Increase in the heart rate

Nonetheless, the effects will subside when you will reduce the dosage of the herb.


This is yet another herb that is being used for centuries by the Chinese for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Canadian Health&Care Mall states that the herb is known to block the effects of the enzyme that restricts the flow of blood to the penis. Epimedium or horny goat weed serves as a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor and has the same function as Viagra. However, the herb works more effectively and has less number of side effects than the drug.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: How to Increase Sexual Desire?

Change the relation to the natural sexuality

Sexual experiences are the highest pleasure presented to us by the nature. Any of women shouldn’t refuse these divine feelings. Intimate relations are necessary to each woman not only for realization of the so-called sexual reflex and an instinct of reproduction, but also for maintenance of the gynecologic health, and also a tone of all organism and health in general. By the way, for the woman I am not inclined to share concepts: “female health” and “the general health”. At us, women, health of all organism is based on a condition of the sexual sphere.

Love the body

Very often problems with a libido arise at ladies dissatisfied with the appearance. Especially it is actual during pregnancy with the advent of completeness, waist disappearance and gait change (she becomes “duck”), after the delivery with increase in weight and formation of extensions on stomach, and also in the climacteric period in connection with deterioration in skin elasticity and wrinkles developing. Fall in love with yourself such what you are (whatever wild this thought seems to be!). Try not to think of the allegedly physical defects! Improve your health with medications of Canadian Health and Care Mall.
The stronger you love your body, the more at you will collect energy and health! It is in your forces! Dare luxury is to be oneself. The body of each woman has the unique beauty. You can feel a sexual inclination and to be desired such what you are. Love yourself! Eulogize the body!

love your body

Awaken the sensuality

Learn to give yourself pleasure! Ability to enjoy such simple things as beautiful music or aroma of pleasant spirits, will help to raise a libido. Turn on the favourite music, relax and try to experience each note of this melody. “Be dissolved” in each sound, forgetting about all problems and disorders. It is better to be adjusted on sex the aromatherapy will help: use various aromatic oils, sticks and aroma.
Enjoy life! Surely find enough time for a dream and rest! Holiday won’t wait! Good rest is a basis of healthy libido. Afford what gives you joy: communication with children, friends, darling; music; creativity. I know how it is difficult to allocate time “for itself favourite” to women who provide financial stability of the family, are engaged in career or looks after small children.
But it is necessary for emergence of sexual desire and female health. Don’t forget about the appearance: you find time for a campaign to the cosmetologist, the hairdresser and the manicurist. You have to be ALWAYS in shape: and during pregnancy, and after the delivery, and during the period a climax. Readdress part of household chores to the family: instead of the spent efforts they will receive YOU grateful, happy, well rested and desired. Canadian Health and Care Mall offers you a lot of various medications to enhance health conditions to be beautiful and health.

Appreciate the health!

In due time address experts at identification of any problems with health or at the long decrease in libido which is beyond physiological norm (the postnatal period, climax). Adequate treatment of somatic and gynecologic pathology – a guarantee of libido safety. Lead a healthy lifestyle!

Raise a tone

Physical activity increases sexual desire. Choose any kind of fitness: aerobics; occupations in gym; respiratory gymnastics (Pilates, Yoga, Chi kung); dancing. The main thing that occupations were regular and gave pleasure!

Strengthen intimate muscles

It is necessary, first of all, for the women who were giving birth repeatedly, and to those which approach the climax period. You will be helped by an intimacy building. Regularly carry out simple exercises with jade egg, having placed it in vagina and moving in various directions: up-down, around. The intimacy building will increase your internal female force, will prevent omission of genitals and libido recession.


It is very useful for female health and sexuality.

Canadian Health&Care Mall; Diabetes in Conjunction with Erectile Dysfunction

The reasons of problems with potency at diabetes can be a lot, and the doctor defines them together with the patient.
They are the following:

  • vessels obstruction providing sufficient blood flow to carvenous body;
  • diabetic neuropathy — damage of nerves which control an erection;
  • decrease in production of sex hormones;
  • reception of some drugs (neuroleptics, antidepressants, not selective beta-blockers); psychological impotence.

Why is diabetes so influential on erectile dysfunction appearance?

To obtain erection, it is necessary to download about 100-150 ml of blood in carvenous body, and then it is reliable to block its exit before the end of sexual intercourse from there. For this purpose good work of blood vessels, and also nerves which control process is required. If diabetes is badly compensated, i.e. sugar in blood keeps chronically raised, then it strikes nervous system and vessels, and thus worsens a man’s potency. There is one more way to achieve erection in case of diabetes exactly Canadian HealthCare Mall with a diversity of remedies.

diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Glycation is reaction of glucose compound with proteins. The concentration of glucose in blood as a result of diabetes is higher, the more proteins are exposed to this reaction. Unfortunately, glycation of many proteins leads to violation of their functioning. It concerns including proteins which form nervous system and walls of blood vessels.

The researches have shown that, the autonomous nervous system operates an erection. Autonomous system means that it works without participation of consciousness. The same system regulates breath, digestion, rhythm of cardiac work, a tone of blood vessels, production of hormones and it is a lot more other major functions of life support of organism.

Why do we write about it here?

And in order that if problems with potency arise because of diabetic neuropathy, then it can turn out an early signal that violations, rather life-threatening will be shown soon for example, failures of heart rhythm. The same concerns erectile dysfunction because of blood vessels obstruction. It is an indirect sign of problems with the vessels feeding heart, brain and the lower extremities. Because of vessels obstruction there are heart attacks and strokes. But there are one exact method to purchase drugs having the main duty to keep people from various diseases’ appearance namely the online service shipping drugs internationally – Canadian HealthCare Mall.

The reduced production of sex hormones, in particular, of testosterone is found in 30-35% of diabetic male who see a doctor concerning intimate problems. The potency vanishes in such situation usually, as well as sexual desire dies away. Fortunately, this problem will respond to treatment. And restoration of normal level of sex hormones in an organism will return man’s force, but also will improve the general health.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, many men because of slow decrease in sexual potentiality, and also extension of this process for many years do not treat adequately and just find it inevitable and live up with it.

First of all, for the solution of erectile dysfunction (impotency), it is necessary to know the reasons of its emergence. In certain cases the reasons can be biological. For example, such general diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis of vessels, the increased arterial pressure), various neurologic diseases, hormonal imbalance can influence a man’s potentiality.

Besides, smoking, excess alcohol intake, deficiency of nutrients, a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight can also have negative influence. Men who have a waist volume more than 100 cm need to remember that they are on a right way to loss of man’s force.

Well and, of course, it isn’t necessary to neglect the psychological reasons of impotency. Besides, it is necessary to remember that impotency in many cases arises for several reasons at the same time. Therefore consultation with the doctor is anyway obligatory. Viagra of Canadian Health&Care Mall may become that kind of preparation effective at erectile dysfunction treatment.
erectile disfunction
There are several possible options for increase of man’s potentiality. One concentrates on diet improvement, others address physical exercises and yoga. However not a rarity when elderly men begin “to test” the “sexual opportunities” on younger woman. And it is that moment when they notice an actual state of the “sexual working capacity”. Such person tries to help somehow at once to himself, for example, buying Viagra. If he is rather successful and buys original tablets, and also is in group of people who actually react to Viagra will have chance to reach erection. You won’t be disappointed if you order Viagra via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Are there any effective ways of natural strengthening and restoration of male sexual potentiality?

Yes, there is a wide range of options for increase of potentiality. While today standard medical therapy is effective for some men, others – on the contrary don’t want to take medicines because of possible side effects and contraindications. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to increase potency. There are several decisions for men who test powerlessness, without resorting to medicines. Many men prefer natural ways of potency improvement. In one case, it can be connected with undesirable side effects and contraindications of preparations, in other cases – the natural way of life is more important for them. Therefore yet you have no serious problems with health which could affect your man’s potency, it is possible to use a number of natural ways for its increase.
In principle these ways are rather simple and known, there is nothing unusual in them:

  • change of lifestyle;
  • healthy nutrition;
  • maintenance of cholesterol in blood up to normal;
  • increase of testosterone level;
  • disposal of stresses;
  • improvement of sleep;
  • special exercises for potency improvement at men;
  • refusal of addictions;
  • certain psychological preparation;
  • correct sex.

You may choose by yourself what is more suitable for you: to utilize medicamentous treatment or use folk methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. It is up to you. But remember do not make a peace with erectile dysfunction, revive your life with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Deliberations about Indoor Air Pollution

child mortalityThe central impression from the review of the research literature on indoor air pollution as a cause of ARI among children in developing countries is the imbalance between the number of articles reporting on original, empirical research, on the one hand, and the number of calls for research, reviews and projections based on those articles, on the other. Figure 2 illustrates the discrepancy between the research that is done and the global needs for research, where the smallest proportion of the research is done where the results could potentially have the greatest impact on the health of populations. This is an illustration of what has been labeled the 10/90 gap (ie, that 10% of health research resources are said to go to 90% of the disease burden).

A majority of the empirical studies indicate that increased ARI risk is associated with indicators— measurement or proxy—of individual exposure to indoor air pollution. Not all of the studies are reported in such a way that it is possible to draw clear conclusions, even allowing for small samples, but results from only one study are negative. One study is inconclusive because of homogeneity of exposure and small sample size. Otherwise, the tendency is consistently toward an association. Recurring problems are small samples and the fact that studies were not primarily designed to address the ARI/air pollution question, but included data on air pollution indicators for at least a subset of the study subjects. However, several have a well-planned design and use plausible methods for diagnosis and exposure classification.